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Coogee Skin Cancer Clinic is a leading assessment and treatment facility for skin cancer and associated conditions.

Skin Check

We are looking for a recurrent sore that doesn’t heal over 6-8 weeks or a freckle or mole that’s changed shape, size or colour – usually over a month or two.

Risk factors for melanoma are skin type and mole count. Skin that freckles and burns easily or a high mole count – more than 50 moles on your body or 20 moles on your arms and legs puts you at increased risk.

Once you’ve had one skin cancer you have an 80% chance of having a second. Once you’ve had a second there’s a good chance of having a third.

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Frequently asked questions

What exactly is a skin check?
  • You strip down to your underwear and then the Doctor looks at all your skin lesions with a Dermatoscope ( a special magnifying glass)
  • Suspicious lesions will need to be sampled and sent to the labs for histology and diagnosis
  • Borderline lesions may be monitored with serial photography, usually over 3 monthly intervals
How long does it take?
The appointments are approximately 20 minutes, some of this time is taken up with giving history of any previous concerns or lesions. The check itself is quite quick
Do I need a referral?
No referral is needed, we are a general practice that specialises in skin cancer. We are not a dermatologist practice
What will happen if something suspicious is found?
Suspicious lesions are sampled and sent to pathology for histological diagnosis. Our histopathologist is an expert who only deals with skin cancers
How will I know it’s time for my next skin check?
Our practice sends SMS reminders for general recalls and appointments. Routine skin check should be every twelve month. Some patients may need more frequent reviews with 3 or even 6 months if they have multiple skin cancers

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  • Appointments can be made online via HotDoc
  • Allow 20 minutes for a skin check, longer for procedures
  • New patients please arrive 10 minutes early to enable registration
  • We have a long wait list and need at least 24hrs notice of cancellation to enable us to re-use your appointment time for someone else
  • Non-attendance without prior notice will be billed at 50% of the standard fee ($70) before another appointment can be made

  • We always try to run on schedule but sometimes can’t due to unforeseen circumstances – if we’re running late please be patient with us

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