Our Team

Dr Rick Wilcox

Dr Rick Wilcox is the practice principal and established Coogee Skin Cancer Clinic in 2007. In that time the practice has seen over 40,000 patients. He graduated from UNSW in 1984 and has been a GP for 35 years with more than half of that specialising in skin cancer exclusively. He diagnosed over 300 skin cancers in 2020 and participates in a skin cancer surgical audit where he benchmarks himself against his peer group of hundreds of other skin cancer GP’s nationally. The audit shows his diagnostic accuracy and sensitivity is very good

Dr Sarah MacDonald


Dr Sarah MacDonald has 10 years of post-graduate experience working as a Doctor throughout NSW.

Graduating from The University of Newcastle, she has extensive experience in general and skin cancer medicine.

With a keen eye for detail she is passionate about her work. She regularly attends conferences and workshops to keep up with the latest developments and holds postgraduate certifications including the Professional Diploma of Skin Cancer Medicine, Practical Dermoscopy Certificate, Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Therapeutics, Professional Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine, and more. Currently she is completing her masters of medicine, focusing on the skin effects of testosterone therapy.

Dedicated to caring for patients of all ages and from a range of cultural backgrounds, Dr MacDonald volunteers her time to aid with skin cancer treatment and prevention in people with Albinism.

She is experienced with a range of skin procedures including comprehensive skin cancer checks with dermoscopy, lesion excisions, biopsies, local flaps and skin graft repairs. Her primary goal is to make her patients happy and achieve the best possible outcomes for them. She enjoys getting to know her patients and helping them with strategies for maintaining optimal skin health, including skin cancer prevention and sun safety.

Dr Vinh Truong


Dr. Vinh Truong is a general practitioner with special interest and experience in skin cancer management. He is dedicated to increasing patient awareness of skin cancer early detection and prevention.

Dr. Truong provides a range of medical and surgical management of skin cancer as per examination and biopsy results.

Dr. Truong keeps his expertise in the field up-to-date via practice, education, self-audit and elaboration with other skin cancer doctors around the world.

Dr Vy Huynh


Dr Vy Huynh completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Western Sydney in 2012. He worked in general practice for many years before pursuing his special interest in skin cancer medicine and surgical procedures. He holds university-assured postgraduate qualifications in skin cancer medicine and dermoscopy, and speaks both English and Vietnamese.

Dr Huynh enjoys connecting with his patients to help them maintain their health and is committed to providing the best possible care for people of all backgrounds. In his spare time, he loves gardening, photography, cooking, soccer, board games, and exploring new restaurants.

Dr Christene Mikhail

Skin Cancer Doctor, Female, B Medicine FRACGP MPharm B Chiro Sci SCHP

Dr Christene Mikhail holds a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Sydney as well as a Bachelor in Medicine with Distinction from The University of Newcastle.

Dr Mikhail completed her internship and residency year at St George and Sutherland Hospitals as is committed to patient outcomes and patient safety. During her residency, she was Chair of the Innovations Committee, driving patient safety projects and ultimately publishing articles for the British Medical Journal.

More recently, Dr Mikhail has focused on her passion for Skin Cancer Medicine and is undertaking a Master of Medicine in Skin Cancer at University of Queensland. She has also completed a Professional Certificate in Dermatoscopy, Professional Certificate in Skin Cancer and Professional Certificate in Dermatology.

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