Allmedic Product

  • The clinic sells Allmedic product which is best used daily as part of a long-term skin care regime
  • The active ingredients are Glycolic Acid or Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)
  • It is a mild chemical peel
  • It breaks down the bonds between dry and damaged skin cells and causes the damage skin to flake or peel off
  • This promotes cell turnover which produces new skin cells
  • This makes the skin look and feel fresher and smoother so it has a good cosmetic result
  • We use it for preventative treatment, as a field treatment on widespread sun-damaged skin. It causes the SK (potential SCC precursors) to peel off before they can evolve into a cancer
  • The AMP is used as a long term daily skin care regime whereas Efudix and Aldara may be used for a month or so every 2-3 years as required
  • The AMP range includes a cleanser, scrub and repair cream. They all have the same active ingredients. They are best used on faces, women’s décolletage and men’s bald scalps.
  • They can also be used on arms and hands in a glove distribution
  • Use the cleanser sparingly (just a pea-sized amount) in the shower. Rinse off, dry off and apply the repair cream, again sparingly, as a moisturiser. The repair cream is the base coat on clean dry skin. It’s ok to put sunscreen and makeup on top.
  • Occasionally people note the cream has made their skin dry. This is the peel doing its job and lifting off the damaged skin. Twice weekly use the scrub rather than the cleanser to exfoliate off the dry skin for a smooth finish.
  • The three products can be bought over the counter at the front desk after initially being prescribed.
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