We are pleased to announce the arrival of the first (and at this stage only) Allmedic Tru+PDT system in Sydney.

The Allmedic concept provides medical grade products to repair and protect sun damaged and aged skin in conjunction with Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT).

Often recognised as a cosmetic procedure, PDT has very real benefits when used to deal with solar damage - in particular in working with the removal of 'sun spots' before they manifest into more dangerous conditions.

A PDT information sheet is available HERE. Pre-PDT Treatment information can be found HERE. Post Treatment information can be found HERE. Our PDT Treatment consent form is also available for download HERE. Allmedic's Tru+PDT brochure is available HERE.

When visiting Coogee Skin Cancer Clinic for assessment, consultation or treatment, the following terms and conditions apply:

Coogee Skin Cancer Clinic is a private billing practice. We have credit card and eftpos facilities. The standard consultation fee is $100.00, this is payable on the day. Longer consultations and other services are billed at different rates. The Medicare rebate for a standard consultation is $37.05. We have the facility to submit your claim to Medicare electronically on your behalf, so you don’t need a trip to Medicare. The rebate is deposited into your account instantaneously. Please bring your BSB and account details if you wish to take advantage of this service. Dr Wilcox will continue to bulk bill pensioner concession card holders.

Patients who fail to show for their appointments twice cannot re-schedule an appointment. They are asked to follow-up with their family doctor. All invoices must be paid the same day that the procedure is done. We accept Cash, Debit, Visa and MasterCard. We do not accept cheques.

Appointment times are specifically reserved for our patients. If a person is unable to keep their appointment, they are asked to please notify us 24 hours in advance, in which case no charge will be made. Appointments cannot be re-scheduled until outstanding invoices for missed appointments are paid. When a patient fails to cancel an appointment, they are depriving another patient from seeing the doctor.

A range of treatment options are available at Coogee Skin Cancer Clinic. Individual assessments will be made on a case by case basis as to the treatment required to treat your specific condition. We have provided below a basic run down of what each type of treatment involves, as well as information on wound care, should it be required.
Skin Checks

If you check your skin regularly, you will get to know what's normal for you and what may have changed since you last looked. Skin cancers (including melanoma) that are detected and treated early have a better outcome than most other types of cancer. Also, skin cancer that is found early needs less invasive treatment.

A Skin Checks information sheet is available HERE. Additionally, further information on what to look for when checking your skin can be found HERE.

Biopsy & Excision of Lesions

A biopsy is a quick and simple procedure. The doctor will give you a local anaesthetic and cut out the spot. This is usually done using a biopsy punch which is like a leather punch or a cookie cutter. It leaves a neat circular hole which usually heals well without needing a stitch. It generally doesn’t scar.

A Biopsy & Excision of Lesions information sheet is available HERE.

Cryotherapy / Liquid Nitrogen

Cryotherapy is a common treatment for skin lesions. The idea is to freeze the abnormal lesion and a small amount of surrounding normal skin. When the frozen cells subsequently thaw out, contents within the cell rupture and cell death occurs.

A Cryotherapy / Liquid Nitrogen information sheet is available HERE.


Curettage is a treatment involving controlled scraping of the skin. The doctor uses an instrument called a curette to scrape off outer layers of the skin. The base layers of the skin are usually left intact. From there the skin can regenerate and heal.

A complete wound care information sheet is available HERE.

Wound Care

The latest research has shown that wounds resulting from some of the above treatments, heal better when they have been covered, with a dry dressing.

The dry dressing becomes damp with the body's natural (sterile) humidity, and this damp dressing is the best medium for new skin cell growth.

A complete wound care information sheet is available HERE.